2016 Competition Dates

English Open -  Saturday 19th March and Sunday20thMarch (Guildford Spectrum)
Welsh Open - Saturday 11th June(Sports Wales National Centre)
London Open - Sunday 10th July (Guildford Spectrum)
Scottish Open - Saturday 1st October (Ravenscraig Regional Sports Facility)
UK Open - Saturday 12th and Sunday 13th November (Guildford Spectrum)

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London Open 2016

Conner Meade represented Tidworth Taekwondon at the London Open this year.

Earlier in the year, Conner had managed to achieve bronze medal position in the patterns category at the English Open and was keen to build on this success.

In the patterns category, Conner performed with precision and accuracy but was unfortunately unable to achieve a medal position on this occasion. However, he did perform brilliantly in the sparring event and was able to secure his second bronze medal of the year.


Well done, Conner!

Medal Summary:
Conner Meade - Bronze (sparring)



Welsh Open 2016

Laura Juchnik made the journey to Cardiff to represent Tidworth Taekwondo at the UKTA Welsh Open in June.

Laura has been working hard to develop her confidence in her abilities, particularly in sparring, and she demonstrated this at the competition. With increased confidence and a focus on attack, she managed to achieve the bronze medal position for her category (her second medal of the year already!)


Well done, Laura.

Medal Summary: Laura Juchnik - Bronze (sparring)


English Open 2016

Sunday 20th March saw a number of students heading to Guildford Spectrum to represent Tidworth Taekwondo in the first competitive opportunity of 2016 - the UKTA English Open. 

All 3 representatives have worked hard on their taekwondo, particularly focusing on developing their sparring in preparation for competition which provides a very different environment to sparring in class.

Conner put on an outstanding performance in the patterns category where he won several rounds to make it through to the medal positions. This is a huge achievement as pattern categories often have over 30 competitors! In the end, Conner achieved the bronze medal position.

Roch and Laura showed improved confidence in their sparring as they fought their way to bronze medal positions in their categories.

What a great start to 2016!

Medal Summary:
Conner Meade - Bronze (patterns)

Laura Juchnik - Bronze (sparring)
Roch Rotuski - Bronze (sparring)



UK Open 2015

Well done to our junior members who competed at the UK Open last weekend. It was Scott's first ever competition and William's first foray into the junior blackbelt section. You all did so well. Extra special mention to Ben who came away with a Silver medal in the sparring event.






London Open 2015

Adult competitorsOn Sunday 12th July, Tidworth Taekwondo continued its fantastic competitive year with one of the biggest medal hauls of recent years. In total, 6 medals were won by Tidworth Taekwon-do students, including 3 gold medals!

As usual, the day begun with the pattern events in which students perform their tul alongside a competitor before the judges vote for the superior performance. With large numbers of competitors in each category it can be difficult to achieve a medal position. The standard of pattern performed by Tidworth students was very high and several narrowly missed out on a medal position. Luke Dennis achieved the first medal position of the day as he beat his competitors in every round and took home the gold medal for the 13-17 yellow belt category. Wayne Hemsley achieved a bronze medal for patterns in the veteran colour belt category. He performed an excellent pattern but was knocked out by a competitor who went on to win the gold medal.

The real excitement took place in the afternoon's sparring categories. This event involves sparring against a competitor and attempting to score points with attacking techniques. This is always a favourite with Tidworth students and the standard shown has increased significantly over recent years. With only junior students taking part in the sparring event, it was down to them to show how hard they had worked and they certainly did with every single competitor winning at least 1 round! Bailey Prout, put in an excellent first time performance showing a great deal of energy in the ring despite having to spar for a second round due to a draw. He eventually won the round due to an illegal technique performed against him but was unable to achieve a medal position this time. Conner Meade also showed improved technique and achieved his first bronze medal for sparring. Jacob and Ben Hemsley continue to show real talent in sparring with Jacob achieving a bronze medal and Ben taking home the gold medal for his category.

The real success story of the day was William Hemsley. William has always worked incredibly hard on his taekwondo and is a keen competitor, attending almost all competitions since he was a yellow belt. His sparring has shown significant improvement recently and this was clearly evident at the competition. William fought a number of competitors, scoring a great deal of points with a range of techniques but when it came down to the final he really shone. His opponent was barely able to score points as William dominated the round and used his tactical skills to great advantage. A great performance and a well deserved gold medal!Junior competitors


Medal Summary:
Luke Dennis - Gold (patterns)
Wayne Hemsley - Bronze (patterns)
Ben Hemsley - Gold (sparring)
Conner Meade - Bronze (sparring)
Jacob Hemsley - Bronze (sparring)
William Hemsley - Gold (sparring)


Photographs from the day can be viewed in our competition gallery and a 2015 medal summary can be viewed here.


Welsh Open 2015

Saturday 30th May was the date for this year's UKTA Welsh Open and a small number of Tidworth Taekwon-do students made the journey to Cardiff for the event.

All students who attended performed extremely well but the sparring competition seemed to be the highlight of the day with 3 students achieving medal positions! Roch Rotuski, Toby Bridle and Laura Juchnik all achieved bronze medal positions in their sparring categories.

Well done to all students who took part in the event and we look forward to seeing you again at the London Open in July.



Please visit our gallery to view photographs from recent competitions.


Medal Summary:
Roch Rotuski - Bronze (sparring)
Toby Bridle - Bronze (sparring)
Laura Juchnik - Bronze (sparring)


Details of all medals won this year can be viewed here.



English Open 2015

Luke Dennis with medalsFor Tidworth Taekwondo students, the UKTA English Open on the 22nd March was the first competitive opportunity of the year. In total, 11 students made the journey to the Guildford Spectrum and with over 440 competitors they knew that they would have to work incredibly hard to achieve a medal position.

The first event of the day was the patterns event with students performing any pattern up to their grade against another competitor. In this event, students perform their pattern alongside another competitor and then the judges decide which of the two will progress to the next round. The standard was incredibly high and Tidworth students performed extremely well with some very close rounds. Both Ben Hemsley and Luke Holstead successfully made it through to the second round but didn't manage to achieve a medal position. Jacob Hemsley was performing in the blue belt category for the first time and his speed and precision were rewarded with a silver medal position. Luke Dennis also managed to achieve the silver medal position in his category which was exceptional as it was his first competition.

After lunch, the sparring event began in which students sparred with another competitor in an attempt to score more points. Once again, the standard was extremely high and Tidworth students knew they would have to work incredibly hard to achieve a medal position. William Hemsley continues to show exceptional development of his sparring skills and successfully made it through to the second round. Unfortunately, in this round the competitor managed to achieve more points and he didn't achieve a medal position. Luke Dennis managed to achieve his second silver medal of the day in his sparring division - an impressive achievement!

The final event for junior members was the special technique which involves performing a flying side kick over an obstacle. This event is notorious for having incredibly large categories but all students who took part showed a great deal of enthusiasm and did their best.

Mr Storton was very proud of all the students who took part and was really happy to see so many first time competitors. All students performed fantastically and the experience will benefit them both in training and in future competitions. The next competitive opportunity is the UKTA Welsh Open on the 30th May and we hope to see just as many students competing and building on their successes.

Photographs from the day can be viewed in our competition gallery and details of all medals can be viewed here.

Medal Summary:
Jacob Hemsley - Silver (Patterns)
Luke Dennis - Silver (Patterns)
Luke Dennis - Silver (Sparring)

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